RES Knokke privacy policy

RES Events Images Policy

In accordance with image copyrights (or “portrait rights”) that derive from the legislation on the protection of privacy and Article XI. 174 of the Belgian Economic Legal Code (WER), you hereby give permission for images of you to be taken and used.

By means of this declaration, you give your permission to Real Estate Society – RES VZW, with registered office at  2000 Antwerpen, Boogkeers 5 (hereinafter RES) to create photos and/or video images (hereinafter referred to as Images) of you during events organized by RES and to reproduce these Images on our website (hereinafter the Website). You confirm that these Images may be stored and displayed on the Website for a period of 5 years. You agree that the Images of you may consist of individual photos, group photos and/or video images taken during RES Knokke.

You also give your consent for the following personal information about you to be used and processed: the Images, your first name and your last name, with the sole purpose of publishing your Images on the Website and making them accessible to other users of this Website in digital form. Your first and last name will only be used by us for processing of the photos and in instances of deletion requests, your name will not appear on the Website.

You further declare that you explicitly transfer all your rights to portraits and videos that may arise whenever Images are created of you during one of the events organized by RES. This also applies to the use of Images of you on the Website. You also declare that you will make no claim to any kind of compensation for this transfer, nor for the use of the Images.

You confirm that Images of you may only be used and published for the purposes listed above.

The Images will be stored on the Website. The Images may only be accessed by users of the Website (after login with the album name and album password). In this way, users can access and view the Images from RES events at a later date.

RES hereby confirms that it will not distribute Images of you that tarnish your good name or reputation and that it will publish the Images only with “due care and attention”. You declare that your permission as a user only applies for the purposes and the forms of publication described above, for a maximum of 5 years after the Images of you are placed on the Website.

RES declares that it will use the personal data listed only for the purposes described above, and will only publish the Images on the Website.

You have the right to request from RES access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data or restriction of processing concerning the data subject or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. You can  exercise these rights with RES via the following email address: You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.